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Session 1 - Opening: Session 5: Session 9:
09:00 Welcome
Prof. Klaus Meerholz - University of Cologne
09:15 Nanographene Dicarboximides as Templates for Organic Electronics 09:00 Exploring New Carbon Allotropes and Nanographenes: On Surface Synthesis and Single-Molecule Manipulation 09:00 Can molecular processes be modified in the strong light-matter coupling regime?
Prof. Frank Würthner - University of Würzburg Prof. Michael Gottfried - University of Marburg Prof. Stephane Kena-Cohen, Polytechnique Montreal
10:00 Enhancing the photostability of persistent luminescent radicals via structural modification 09:45 Magnetic behaviour in metal-free radical thin films 09:45 Polarization-controlled strong light-matter interaction with templated molecular aggregates
Prof. Will Skene - Universite de Montreal Prof. M. Benedetta Casu - University of Tübingen Roland Schäfer - University of Cologne
10:22 Tailoring of rubrene thin film crystallinity via organic epitaxy 10:07 Single-molecule readout of spin quantum beats in a charge-separated radical pair state 10:07 Linear optical properties of organic microcavity polaritons with non-Markovian Quantum State Diffusion
Dr. Luisa Raimondo - University of Milano-Bicocca Eva Schmid, Universit t Regensburg Dr. Kimmo Luoma, University of Turku
10:45 Coffee Break 10:30 Coffee Break 10:30 Coffee Break
Session 2: Session 6: Session 10:
11:15 The Road From Semiconductors to Metals: Engineering Topological States in Nanographenens 11:00 Design of Optoelectronic Properties in 2D Covalent Organic Frameworks 11:00 Solvation Layer Mapping at Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Prof. Felix Fischer - UC Berkeley Prof. Dima Perepichka, McGill University Prof. Angelika Kühnle, Bielefeld University
12:00 Uniaxial Structure Induction by Graphene Nanoribbon Templated Growth 11:45 Flexible Phenanthracene Nanotubes for Explosive Detection 11:45 Complex structure formation of merocyanines on the Ag(100) surface
Philipp Weitkamp - University of Cologne Simon Rickert - University of Bonn Anna Kny - University of Bonn
12:22 Excitation dynamics in rubrene crystalline films grown via organic epitaxy 12:07 Unidirectional Molecular Adaptation by Coupled Stimuli 12:07 On the orientation mechanism of non-polar dyes in light-emitting guest-host systems
Dr. Alessandro Minotto - University of Milano-Bicocca Sebastian Baumert, University of Münster Binh Minh Nguyen, University of Augsburg
12:45 Lunch 12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch
Session 3: Session 7: Session 11:
13:45 2D materials + molecules (superlattices & networks 13:30 Chiral organic semiconductors: predicting molecules and motifs for high charge carrier mobility 13:30 Decoding the mechanisms underlying optoelectronic properties of conjugated diradicals: insights from quantum-chemical modeling
Prof. Paolo Samori - Universite de Strasburg Prof. Kim Jelfs - Imperial College London Prof. Fabrizia Negri, University of Bologna
14:30 Strategies toward electrically driven polariton lasing 14:15 Modelling charge transport properties of dipolar self-assembly merocyanines beyond the hopping regime 14:15 A Semi-AutomatedWorkflow for Surface Docking of Merocyanine Monolayers Using a Special Purpose Parametrization of GFN1-xTB
Julia Witt - University of Cologne Nora Gildemeister - University of Cologne Julia Kohn - University of Bonn
14:52 Obtaining blue delayed fluorescence via N-quaternisation of carbazole pyridine isomers 14:37 Enhancing Anisotropic Polariton Lasing Efficiency in Organic Microcavities through Molecular Conformation, Orientation and Schlieren Texturing 14:37 High-throughput Virtual Screening of Existing Organic Chromophores for Materials Discovery
Ruth Pollar - Northumbria University Dr. Florian Le Roux - University of Cologne Dr. Omer Omar, University of Liverpool
15:15 Coffee Break 15:00 Coffee Break 15:00 Coffee Break
Session 4: Session 8: Session 12 - Closing:
15:45 Identifying aggregates in organic solar cells by optical spectroscopy 15:30 Organic semiconductors: from displays to neuromorphic circuits 15:30 Evaporated organic solar cells process, structure and function
Prof. Anna Köhler - University of Bayreuth Prof. Karl Leo - TU Dresden Dr. Pascal Kaienburg, University of Oxford
16:30 Resolving Structure, Exciton Interactions and Ultrafast Dynamics in Aggregates of Chiral Squaraine Molecules 16:15 Orientation distributions of OLED emitters probed by single-molecule microscopy 15:55 Rigid, Aromatic Polymer Architectures
Robin Bernhard - University of Cologne Dr. Francisco Tenopala-Carmona, University of Cologne Prof. Ullrich Scherf, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
16:52 Identifying the origin of delayed electroluminescence in a polariton organic light-emitting diode 16:37 Design strategies for high performance light-emitting triarylmethyl radicals 16:40 Closing Remarks
Ahmed Abdelmagid, University of Turku Prof. Alexander Kühne, Uni Ulm Prof. Arne Lützen - University of Bonn
17:15 End of Sessions 17:00 End of Sessions 16:45 End of Sessions
18:00 Poster Session
18:30 Conference Dinner